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Father and child

Who We Are

Uplifting families from poverty to prosperity.

Jeffco Prosperity Partners (previously Jeffco Human Services Foundation) is a nonprofit, community-based organization serving families in Jefferson County, Colorado. We collaborate with more than 60 community partners to connect children and families to resources that empower them to thrive, not just survive.

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Our Mission

To promote innovations that move families from poverty to prosperity. 

Our Vision

That every person in our community has access to quality education, employment opportunities, and health care to live self-sufficiently and prevent poverty in future generations.

Our Purpose

To influence policy change and practice through evidence-based programming to transform families, governments, and systems.

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Our Impact

Through our JPP program, we utilize a two-generation approach to provide comprehensive support to both parents and children, ensuring they have access to quality education, career opportunities, and vital resources.


Our vibrant community fosters resilience, self-sufficiency, and hope, helping families thrive and create a brighter future for generations to come.

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