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Jeffco Prosperity Partners (JPP)

Supporting parents to self-sufficiency and children to high school diplomas and beyond. 

JPP leads transformative change by developing new strategies for success for Jefferson County families and children by collaborating with schools and community groups to break the cycle of generational poverty. JPP harnesses the power of the community to support families and project partners to work together to find and create solutions.  

The purpose of this program is to move low-income families to economic self-sufficiency by improving health and well-being, building economic stability, promoting education and post-secondary education, and advancing employment.

This program is a gift for a lifetime. My kids will have more opportunities for a better future than I had.

- JPP Parent

Head Start family

JPP's Story

JPP began as an extension of Head Start, a no-cost early childhood education program that provides wrap-around services and support to the whole family. Through family voice, community collaboration, and innovation, JPP assists low-income individuals and families with access to career pathways, educational opportunities, and financial literacy that empower them to achieve self-sufficiency.  

JPP is more than a program, it is a collaboration of community, schools, businesses, government, faith-based organizations, and county partners working together to help Jefferson County families break the cycle of generational poverty.

Single parent and child
Multigenerational family
Same sex parents
Multigenerational family
Family of four

JPP Program & Services

Family voice and expertise are essential to program development and design. We implement a two-generation approach to persistently identify long-standing and emerging barriers that keep families from achieving financial stability. We foster self-defined success through coaching, not case management, to link services, resources, and community to equip families with the tools they need to overcome challenges to self-sufficiency.

JPP Program Components
Support Group

We coach,
not case work

Families play a vital role in program development and define their own success, dreams, and goals. JPP coaches work with families as equal partners in creating pathways and developing solutions to overcome barriers to accomplish their self-defined goals.

We leverage a two-generation approach

The two-generation approach recognizes that the well-being of both parents and children is crucial to breaking the cycle of poverty. By identifying barriers and opportunities, we help families navigate pathways that lead to long-term prosperity.

We listen to family voice

Family voice helps us to align and link systems at the state and community level, such as eligibility standards, performance benchmarks, and coordinated administrative structures, while simultaneously pursuing improved outcomes for both parents and children.

JPP believes quality education plus opportunity equals success.

JPP Graduate Spotlight: Lona Juarez

For Ascend Parent Advisor and JPP graduate Lona Juarez, building social capital means being part of change – advancing narrative change in the student-parent field. Lona, pictured with Lisa and Rynn who are also JPP graduates, is using her lived expertise to create change in college systems so that more student parents can flourish in postsecondary programs from higher education institutions to workforce centers. 


Click here to learn more about Lona's experience as a Parent Advisor.

JPP reminds you that you are worthy and capable.
JPP Participant

Ali Lasell

Honoring Our Dear Friend, Ali Lasell

Ali Lasell

Ali Van Vooren Lasell - beloved and loving mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, friend, and alumni board member of Jeffo Prosperity Partners – was one-of-a-kind! Everyone who knew her was taken by her positive attitude, sense of humor, and dedication and desire to help others. 

Ali's legacy will live on in each of us as we keep her memory close to our hearts, find joy in everyday life, and work together to improve our community. Click here to learn more about Ali's beautiful life.

Let’s Work Together!

For more information on Jeffco Prosperity Partners download our information packet or contact us to explore partnership opportunities.

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