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JPP board

Board of Directors

Jeffco Prosperity Partners is supported by a diverse Board of Directors who are passionate about our mission and possess a strong desire to serve our community. The Board is comprised of 11 members who oversee our vision, mission, and internal operations. Each board member offers a unique set of skills and community connections that steer our organization with integrity toward a sustainable future.  

Honorary Board Members

Honorable Norma Anderson, Retired State Senator 

Honorable Steve Burkholder, Former Mayor of Lakewood 

Honorable Mike Coffman, Former United States Congressman

Ali Lasell, Former Board Member, Jeffco Prosperity Partners

Honorable Bill Owens, Former Governor, State of Colorado 

Honorable Bill Ritter, Former Governor, State of Colorado

George Valuck, Former President/ Chair, Jeffco Prosperity Partners

Join Our Board of Directors

We are looking for diverse individuals who will bring a fresh perspective on fundraising and community outreach and, most importantly, are passionate about making a lasting change in Jefferson County. We want individuals who are currently involved or have experience with organizations that advocate for the populations we serve.


Responsibilities of individual board members include attending and actively participating in all Board meetings (4x per year) and one committee as well as know and fulfill their role in our organization and to act in the best interests of the populations we serve. For questions about this opportunity email Roxy Dunaway at

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