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Become a Monthly Donor

Joining JPP's monthly giving program offers you a convenient and impactful way to consistently support families in their journey to overcoming poverty.

Your Impact as a Monthly Donor

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$10/ month

33 cents/ day

Provides JPP students with school supplies and tutoring services to achieve educational milestones.

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$15/ month

50 cents/ day

Provides JPP families with food, gas, and rental assistance when an unexpected crisis arises.

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$25/ month

83 cents/ day

Provides JPP parents with job skill training for career development that advances employment opportunities.

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$50/ month

$1.67/ day

Provides mentorship and coaching services to ensure families achieve financial stability.

"We have seen firsthand the impacts JPP has made in the lives of families. We are so happy to be involved in this organization."

-Amy Wiebe, Donor


Why give monthly?

Generational Impact

The families we support strive for self-sufficiency, aiming for improved life outcomes for their children. Coaches, offering continuous support, exemplify the sustainable and transformative impact your monthly contributions enable.


Your monthly donation allows us to take a planned, long-term approach, assuring a stable source of funding so there are no gaps in service. As a monthly contributor, you help us create long-lasting change in the lives of the families we serve.

Effortless Support

Your contribution spread across the year, ensures that even modest, affordable donations have a lasting impact. Set to occur automatically every month, your donation can be modified or canceled anytime to suit your preferences.

"JPP has helped us find the resources we need to be modern-day third/fourth generation parents again, find in-home resources, referrals to counseling, finding community within JPP, anger management for one of our children, as well as summer activities to keep the children academically and physically active."

-Ed and Bev Walker, JPP Members

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