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2024 Colfax Marathon

May 17-19

The Colfax Marathon is Denver’s largest running weekend and we are proud to be an official charity partner once again! That means, when you register to run for JPP, you are running toward a community without generational poverty! Whether you're up for the challenge of the Marathon, Marathon Relay, Half Marathon, Urban 10 Miler, or 5K, there's a race to suit everyone's pace. Be part of the thrill and support a great cause! 

Not a runner? No problem!

You can show your support by donating to our Colfax Marathon Fundraiser to help us create a memorable celebration for our high school graduates. Together, we can make a difference and show our students that their achievements are celebrated and valued.

Experience the Colfax Marathon - In just one minute!


Run for JPP

How do I register to run for JPP families? 

  • Visit the registration page for the race you want to enter 

  • Look under “Additional Questions” 

  • Select “Yes” for the question “Are you considering raising funds or awareness for a charity?” 

  • A drop-down menu will appear for you to select Jeffco Prosperity Partners as your nonprofit partner! 

2024 JPP Colfax Marathon Flyer 2
2024 JPP Colfax Marathon Flyer

Once you're registered, help us spread the word and raise funds!

Download our informational flyers to share with your family, friends, and colleagues.


Colfax Marathon Races

  • 26.2 Marathon through the stadium, fire station, downtown, Sloan’s Lake, Colfax Ave, 7 miles of water

  • 13.1 Half Marathon through Denver Zoo, Denver Fire Station, downtown, Colorado Firefighter Calendar on course

  • Urban 10 Miler through the stadium, downtown, and City Park

  • 5-person Marathon Relay – 5 legs, 5 distances – teamwork makes the dream work!

  • Colfax 5K – kick off the weekend on Saturday … and bring your dog!

Colfax Marathon JPP 2023
Jeffco Employees at Colfax Marathon

2023 Colfax Marathon

Thank you for making this year's event a success!

Jeffco Prosperity Partners raised $7,000 to support families in our JPP program  A special shout out to marathon runner extraordinaire, Mary Rueda, who has gone above and beyond to raise over $5,000 for the fundraiser! Mary is an avid runner and Jeffco employee who has been an incredible advocate for our mission. 

Thank you, NREL!

In 2023, Jeffco Prosperity Partners attended the Colfax Marathon Award Celebration to honor the winning runners and relay teams. At the event, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory relay team presented the foundation with a $1,000 donation they won for placing third! ​


We are incredibly grateful to Aaron, John, Kim, Brent, and Norwood for choosing to support our mission! Their kindness, compassion, and dedication are truly commendable and their contribution will support JPP families who are making great strides to achieve economic stability. 


A HUGE thank you to our champion race runners and relay teams who are ambassadors on and off the track for JPP:

Relay Team Captains: Stacy, Jill, Kym, Katelyn 

Marathon Runners: Mary 

Half Marathon Runners: Fordyce, Sophie, Maria, Juhyun, Dani 

Urban 10 Miler Runners: Jereme 

Colfax 5k Runners: Sarah, Logan, Sofia 

We couldn’t do this work without you Jeffco! Thank you for your support!

Colfax Marathon JPP
Colfax Marathon JPP
Colfax Marathon JPP
Colfax Marathon JPP
Colfax Marathon JPP
Colfax Marathon JPP 2023

Interested in learning more about forming a company team, sponsoring a runner or team by paying their registration fee, or just fundraising on our behalf? Contact Roxy Dunaway to get started!

Looking for more information? Visit the Colfax webpage.

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